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             A Streamlined, Efficient Inspection Process


Trained field technician visits
crane/hoist operator for

Technician uses a Crane
Logic tablet preloaded with
customer data, including
serial numbers for all parts
to be inspected, service
history, and historical
records on each part, plus
video and photos from prior
inspections with comments.

Technician uses hand held
video camera to capture new
inspection data, thereby
eliminating any subjective
service calls while creating
permanent record of
equipment status.

Upon completion of
inspection, technician
uploads video files to
for storage along with
extensive comments
and Deficiency Report.

Report is readily accessible
to customer, OSHA, and
repair/scheduling personnel.
Report also includes Repair
Recommendations. Reports
stored on web for reduced
hard files and more efficient
record keeping, plus greater
data control.

system or bridge to your
existing ERP, customer can
then efficiently check
inventory and prepare
estimate and schedule repair
date, thereby maximizing
productivity and reducing
time and potential liabilities
prior to repair.

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